Weekly Reflection 2 – Noam Kroll

There is a lot to take away from Kroll’s blog post “The 10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned About Directing Narrative Films.” Like all of his blogs, different people will take away different things based on where they are in the film industry. In my case, I don’t have much experience directing films so while I can take the advice into account, I can’t apply it to any of my experiences. Because of that, it acts more as inspiration, seeing how he has learned different things through being a director.

It’s also helpful because it might let me bypass some of the things he had to learn the hard way. While there are some things that you can only learn with experience, I still think it’s beneficial to go into something with as much knowledge as you can get. Kroll talks about needing to know how to work with different actors, since they will all work differently. While this is something that most people probably know, we may not think more in depth about it without having it brought to our attention. He also talks about how much work needs to be done in pre-production, something myself and many others overlook. Directing isn’t just about telling actors what to do, you also have to plan as much as possible to make sure you can do that without unnecessary interruptions.

It’s also important to understand the script if you’re going to direct it. For example, if you didn’t write it and get brought on as a director, attempting to direct actors without having a clear vision will be very difficult. All of the lessons Kroll imparts on his readers help to increase everyone’s film knowledge, so they can go out and make the best films they’re capable of making.



Kroll, N. (2017). Technique Over Gear, Or How To Continually Improve Your CraftNoamkroll.com. Retrieved 6 October 2017, from http://noamkroll.com/technique-over-gear-or-how-to-continually-improve-your-craft/


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