Weekly Reflection 4 – Noam Kroll

Lighting is an incredibly important part of film making. It can set and change the tone of a film in ways that no other aspect of the film making process can. Often combined with the use of colour, it can also be used simply to make something more appealing.

One thing that I have come to learn recently is how underused or poorly used lighting is when the people working on a project don’t fully understand it. Often on lower budget projects the crew will opt to use natural light where ever possible, as it saves time, and money if lights aren’t readily available. If the intention is to go for lighting that replicates real life then that’s fine, but it can still be manipulated and filmed in a way that will make it much more appealing than it appears in real life. In his blog “The 5 Worst Mistakes To Make When Shooting In Golden Hour” Kroll mentions that directors such as Terrence Malick have made a name for themselves shooting in natural light, and many people attempt to follow in his footsteps after seeing the effect it can have on a film.

Kroll also goes through some of the most common and detrimental mistakes people make when trying to shoot in natural light. One is Inconsistent exposures, people will often set up the camera for the time they start shooting, and not realise how drastically the look of the shots will change in such a short time. This creates difficulty when filming, as you have to constantly change the settings, and get them right, so that the lighting looks the same.


Kroll, N. (2017). Technique Over Gear, Or How To Continually Improve Your CraftNoamkroll.com. Retrieved 6 October 2017, from http://noamkroll.com/technique-over-gear-or-how-to-continually-improve-your-craft/


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