Weekly Reflection 8 – Noam Kroll

When shooting a low budget film, as essentially everyone is these days (comparatively to Hollywood and big studios at least), it is very important to be as efficient as possible, as the project will often be filmed on a strict timeline, without the luxury of reshoots or extra days. Saving time can be achieved in a number of different ways, often you may save an hour or so by making sure a number of small things are done in advance, it all adds up. I have had personal experience with this, on one day of our short film shoot, our actress was only available until 11am, meaning we had to begin shooting as early as possible and spend no time messing around. We made the decision to bring all of the equipment to the location the night before and set it all up, so all we had to do the next day was move the lights and camera into position, which we had already planned out. This ended up saving us a lot of time that day, and we just managed to get everything filmed that we needed.

Noam Kroll writes about this in his post “Shooting 12 Hours Worth Of Footage In An 8 Hour Day”. He calls it trimming the fat, anything that he considered a time waster had to be addressed immediately. Other time saving techniques that we didn’t employ on our own shoot was changing the filming style and lighting. Opting for largely handheld shots and natural lighting to save time on set up and re-adjustments after every shot change. Bigger budget projects often spend far more time on set up than actual filming, something that usually can’t happen on small shoots. These are things that are very important to learn about when just getting into the film industry, as that way you can come prepared when the situation arises.


 Kroll, N. (2017). Shooting 12 Hours Of Footage In An 8 Hour Day. Noamkroll.com. Retrieved 1 December 2017, from http://noamkroll.com/what-all-indie-filmmakers-should-be-learning-from-french-cinema/


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