Weekly Reflection 9 – Noam Kroll

So far when talking about the blogs Kroll writes, I’ve avoided looking at his tech reviews and recommendations. I think this is because I wanted to focus on aspects of film making like his post “how to shoot 12 hours of footage in an 8 hour day” rather than the technical aspect of what he shot it on. However I thought that the reasons he recommends certain cameras will tie in with these other aspects. Sometimes the highest quality camera won’t be necessary for what you need to shoot, and other times you may be able to have a larger, better camera if you aren’t moving around as much.

Time to go into his post “The 3 Best Cameras For Guerrilla Filmmaking On A Budget”. Kroll starts by reaffirming my point, saying there’s no “best” camera to buy for film making. It all depends on needs, budget, and creative intention. You have to know your project before you decide which camera you want to film it on. As always Kroll focuses on indie film makers, as he is one himself, and gives some recommendations for cameras. The first is the BlackMagic Pocket Camera. A lot of indie film makers may already own a camera, but seeing this one made me think even more about purchasing one based on the production, not just using what you have. It can easily be held in one hand, meaning it would be operated by one person, and work well for run and gun film making, such as a documentary. Reading these blogs has given me a lot of insight into low budget film making, something that I hope to be a part of in the future.


Kroll, N. (2017). The 3 Best Cameras For Guerrilla Filmmaking On a BudgetNoamkroll.com. Retrieved 14 December 2017, from http://noamkroll.com/the-3-best-cameras-for-guerrilla-filmmaking-on-a-budget/


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